Founded in 2021, ANEW offers a hand-picked selection of preloved (designer) goods. Stocking both garments and objects, we aim to deliver a curated eCommerce experience that offers a glimpse into our founder's nostalgic universe. With a penchant for late ‘90s minimalist ease she mainly puts her focus on soulful simplicity when it comes to her fashion curation. Elevated essentials, streamlined silhouettes and subtle details are the foundation for our timeless collections.

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Climate change remains one of the single greatest environmental and social challenges that we face as a species today, and we actively seek to be a part of the global response that is needed. 

Environmental sustainability is at the core of our business. By offering vintage styles that stand the test of time, we aim to find a solution to the ecological burden that comes with the production of new merchandise. We always use reusable paper packaging and all of our deliveries are carbon offset. Find out more about our climate commitment here.


For career opportunities, please reach out to careers@anew.boutique.